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PTR Radio (Probably Totally Random)

A podcast where we discuss entertainment news in the realm of TV and movies.  Searching to find the best available entertainment on the various streaming platforms.  We feature a critical review of a "recommended" movie every episode and tell you if we found a diamond in the rough or just another turd in the compost bin of the internet.

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I'm an almost 50 year old dad, grandpa and the inventor and reason for the bad movie review segment.  If there is a technical issue then I'm likely to blame for it. I also bring most the games to the show and a very twisted sense of humor, if it's on the edge of sophomoric or childish then there is a high likelihood I said it.

Mike the Apeman

I'm a network engineer by trade, but once had aspirations of being the next Wayne Gretzky.  I still hit the ice on a local beer hockey league and show my stuff.  The years may have gone by, but i still stop those pucks! In addition to the podcast I also have DJ and have several residencies in the Parlin, New Jersey area. Other interests include animals, NASCAR and of course Mrs. Apeman!


I'm the lucky single guy on the podcast.  Interests for me include computers, Disney, my nephews, travel and getting drunk in biker bars and causing fights.  Well, most of those things are true. When I say I'm in to Disney I mean it, usually visiting two or three times a year.  Other hobbies include my cat (bella), camping and British television.  Mike and I have been known to argue on British television and it's merit once or twice.

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Podcast Episodes

PTR Radio (7/2/2024) - Streaming screwed us
July 03, 202457:4039.6 MB

PTR Radio (7/2/2024) - Streaming screwed us

In this episode shaggys crewed up the settings so we started late.

PTR Radio (6/17/2024) - The temperature is too damn hot
June 18, 202401:07:3446.4 MB

PTR Radio (6/17/2024) - The temperature is too damn hot

In this episode we review the 2023 movie Hidden Strike starring John Cena and Jackie ...

PTR Radio (6/3/2024) - Summers Here
June 04, 202401:03:5143.84 MB

PTR Radio (6/3/2024) - Summers Here

In this episode we review the new RoadHouse movie, talk about our website revamp, do ...

PTR Radio (5/20/2024) - Why they not in it?
May 20, 202401:01:4128.6 MB

PTR Radio (5/20/2024) - Why they not in it?

In this episode we take a real deep dive into Fisher Stevens for some reason and then...

PTR Radio (5/6/2024) - Its not easy being green
May 06, 202401:07:0331.05 MB

PTR Radio (5/6/2024) - Its not easy being green

We talk all things. Plus we review "Ricky Stanicky" during the last 20 minutes of the...


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