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Current Affiliates

PTR Radio can be found on several different networks, outlets and websites. We greatly appreciate all our current affiliates and look forward to adding many more to our stable. PTR prides itself on having not only several locations we can be found, but to also of picked only the best partners with whom we work closely to continue a meaningful and cooperative partnership.

State Market Station Dial Schedule
IL. Tech. Nerds WPTR - PTR Radio 802.11b Mondays 7pm-9pm EST
CA. Beer Drinkers KCWE - You Now (PTR Channel)
350 MHZ Mondays 7pm-9pm EST
NY. Time Wasters YTUB - YouTube 802.11g 24/7
US Drivers Stitcher - PTR Radio on Stitcher 1900 MHz 24/7
IL F@#!ked up Folks FUBAR - Radio Fubar 802.11af Mondays 7pm-8pm EST
YouTube Live
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