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Becoming a VIP member is a great way to show your support for the show, but we're not asking for your hard earned money without giving you something in return.  No, that's not our style!  Below are listed just some of the benefits that you'll get when you signup to be a VIP member.

  • Access to host blogs - members of the show will use our host blogs to post our thoughts about our last show, upcoming show as well as our opinions about a myriad of topics.  Think of it as Apeman Cometh or Shaggy's two cents but in blog format.  It's also a great place to get inside scoops about inter-show member relationships and what happens when the mics are off.
  • Audio Archives - While our show archives are for sale our individual bits, songs, parodies, popular interviews and best of clips will be available for individual download exclusively to our VIP members.  This includes: Apeman and the Cylon, Host Spotlight, Shaggy's two cents and all our other produced bits.
  • Store Discounts - Exclusive VIP member digital download and merchandise discount codes which will give you savings off store products.
  • Access to VIP only give-a-ways and contests - You know about the valuable box-o-randomness we give away right? We plan to offer exclusive contests and give-a-ways just for VIP members so your chances increase even more.
  • Plus more on the horizon - Since we'll have a direct link to our most loyal fans we'll be able to expand this as our listeners grow and offer more things that you say you want!

All that plus being able to show your support to what we think is quality entertainment delivered straight to you on a regular and hopefully growing basis. As we said we don't ask for handouts and we fully intend on making it worth your wild to support the show through quality offerings for dedicated fans.

We are still flushing this all out, but look for a way to signup to be a VIP and Support the show very shortly. We love our super fans and look forward to giving you a way to support us and get yourself some sweet swag and benefits in the process!