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What is it?

Since it has become such a recurring topic during the show we decided to isolate it into it's own segment. For those of you unfamiliar with this segment, it's basically a recurring topic where Shaggy discusses all the things that go wrong in the various bathrooms that he visits. This page will cover PTR's rule of the potty as well as have downloadable clips from the show that relate to this topic.

Potty Policies

  1. No talking on a cellphone
  2. No talking between the stalls
  3. Eyes front, NO Peeking
  4. Whenever possible always allow for the one urinal seperation. This isn't a together moment
  5. Unless you're at home no distance peeing. Get up close to that thing.
  6. At work or someone elses home there is no playing on the phone or reading on the thrown. Get it, get out others of us want to use it.
    Rule does not apply at your home in fact reading or playing on your phone is encouraged. It's your only true alone time.
  7. One person per stall, no f*#@ing in the bathroom. Rule can be ignored if no chance of children walking in AND you're willing to let others watch
  8. Always flush! This is non-negotiable.
  9. Leave it to the professionals, If one of your monster dumps causes a toilet to malfunction, it is decided that you must vacate the premises immediately and leave the situation for a custodial engineer.You should, but aren't required, to alert the custodian yourself. E-mail is obviously the only way to get this done.
  10. Check the paper before sitting, nothings worse than having someone ask you for it
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